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Escort FAQ

Technical terms and abbreviations that are frequently used in adult escort ads.

What does Asian mean/stand for? (like in "offered services: Asian....")
Definition: Asian sex means "oral sex on the anus" (sometimes also called "Rimming").

What is BDSM? / What does BDSM stand for?
Definition: BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline / Sadism & Masochism. A BDSM escort (an escort that is into this kind of fetishes and offers BDSM services) is often called Dominatrix (see below).

What is a BBW?
Definition: BBW means Big Beautiful Woman / Big-and-Beautiful Women

What is BFE? / What does BFE stand for?
Definition: BFE means for "Boy Friend Experience", i.e. the client (you) treats the escort ("provider") like her boyfriend does / should do, i.e. inviting her to dinner, chatting, kissing and so on. The counterpart is GFE (see below)

What is Cunnilingus? / What does Cunnilingus stand for?
Definition: Cunilingus means stimulating the female genitals (more precisely the clitoris and the vaginal lips) with lips and tongue - or plain and simple: "licking her".

What is Doggie Style? / What does Doggie Style stand for?
Definition: Doggie Style means that she is on her hands and knees, you f*** her from behind.

What is a Dominatrix?
Definition: A woman who plays the role of the dominating partner in a sadomasochistic relationship, a BDSM escort (see above).

What is FBSM? / What does FBSM stand for?
Definition: FBSM means "Full Body Sensual Massage" - this includes usually a sensual massage and a hand job, but not "full service" (complete sexual intercourse with penetration). The same thing is sometimes also called "Private Viewing".

What is Fellatio? / What does Fellatio stand for?
Definition: Fellatio means sucking and/or licking the penis - yes, the good old blow job.

Full Body Sensual Massage
see above under "FBSM"

What is French Kissing? / What does French Kissing stand for?
Definition: French Kissing means kissing with tongue contact

What is Full Service (FS)? / What does FS stand for? 
Definition: Full Service means sexual intercourse to completion

What is GFE? / What does GFE stand for?
Definition: GFE means "Girl Friend Experience", i.e. the escort ("provider") treats you like your girlfriend does/should - with hugging, kissing and so on. Sometimes you'll also see "GFE experience" with the same meaning. So you can say a gfe escort offers gfe services or gives you the gfe experience.

What is Greek? / What does Greek Sex mean?
Definition: Greek (sex) means anal sex.

What is Half & Half? / What does Half&Half mean / stand for?
Definition: Half & Half means a combination of oral sex (fellatio, blow job) and sexual intercourse ("full service").

What's the meaning of Incall?
Definition: Incall means that the client (you) meets the girl at her place, i.e. she provides the apartment, hotel room etc. The opposite is "Outcall" (see below), frequently escorts offer both "Incall Outcall".

What means ISO? / What does ISO stand for?
"ISO" on a message board post is short for "In Search Of" - and means, the poster is looking for something (e.g. a certain escort, a certain type of escort service, etc)

What means Missionary?
Definition: Missionary means sexual intercourse with the man on top.

What is NYME? / What does NYME stand for?
Definition: NYME stands for "New York Model Experience", the escort gives you the feeling of having a date with a New York Model. Something rather similar is PSE ("Porn Star Experience" - see below) almost the opposite would be GFE (Girl Friend Experience - see above). You'll also meet escorts that offer everything "NYME - PSE - GFE service".

What is the meaning of Outcall?
Definition: Outcall means the escort comes to your apartment, or your hotel, etc - you provide the place.)  The opposite is "Incall" (see above), frequently escorts offer both "Incall - Outcall".

What is PSE? / What does PSE stand for?
Definition: PSE stands for "Porn Star Experience" - the escort gives you the feeling of having a date with a porn star or being part of a porn movie. Something rather similar is NYME (New York Model Experience - see above), almost the opposite would be GFE (Girl Friend Experience - see above). You'll also meet escorts that offer both "GFE - PSE".

What is PV? / What does PV stand for?
Definition: PV stands for "Private Viewing". The concrete meaning of Private Viewing differs from escort to escort, most of them interprete this term  like FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage - see above). In this case you can usually expect a sensual massage and a hand job. In fact it's easier to say what Private Viewing certainly NOT is: It is not Full Service (see above), what means sexual intercourse is not included.

What is the meaning of Provider?
Definition: The provider is the (female/male/transexual) escort, either an independent escort or an escort who works for an escort agency. You are the client, either an "hobbyist" (looking for escort services only every now and then) or a "player" (a frequent visitor of escorts).

What is the meaning of Russian? What does Russian Sex stand for?
Definition: Russian means the client has his penis between the escort's breasts until completion - a.k.a. tit fucking.

What is the meaning of YMMV? What does YMMV stand for?
Definition: YMMV stands for "Your Mileage May Vary" the escort does certain things with one guy, but not with another - depending on her mood or a gazillion of other reasons.